Half A Chance

Half A Chance

Doc Casey lives a simple life, teaching middle-school math in Northern Kentucky. On a lark, he takes up the jockey agents’ trade only to discover he has a remarkable knack for finding young talent.

When his quiet world suddenly falls apart, Doc spirals downward into a mire of gambling and drunkenness, drugs and depression until his best friend, the legendary horse trainer Boone Hawkins tries to get him back on his feet.

Well enough, except Hawkins has a dark side as well as a scheme that may bring down not only his friend, but the racetrack itself.

Never does Doc imagine the deceit, duplicity and larceny that await him on such a grand scale. If not for Mary Long and her son Duncan, the aspiring jockey, Doc might never find his way out of the intricate web in which he finds himself entangled.

Love and Greed Hit Head-On

In John Perrotta’s latest horseracing novel, Half a Chance, love and greed hit head-on, with the outcome never certain.

Art by Jen Ferguson - Stretch