Out of Luck

Completing the “Luck” saga of a group of high rolling gangsters, horse race trainers and jockeys and a troupe of gambling degenerates.

In 2009, John Perrotta moved to Hollywood, summoned by legendary wordsmith David Mitch to collaborate as a technical advisor and screen writer on a unique tale to be spun amid life at the horse races.

The HBO series LUCK broke new ground, starring Dustin Hoffman as a taciturn gangster and Nick Nolte as an aging horse trainer with a dark secret as they crossed paths with a cast of degenerate gamblers, track hustlers and evil assassins.

With majestic Santa Anita Park and the San Gabriel mountains as its background, LUCK was embraced by legions of racing fans as “the real thing.”

Upon the show’s unexpected cancellation, one question resounded among its faithful followers: “What was going to happen to those guys?”

OUT OF LUCK is Perrotta’s answer…