HBO Series : LUCK

HBO's LUCK Billboard

Technical Advisor, Writer, Executive Story Editor and Co-Producer for the HBO series, LUCK.

John was involved in the series since the series pilot and throughout.. LUCK starred Dustin Hoffman and Nick Nolte and featured an all star cast including Dennis Farina, Kevin Dunn, Richard Kind and many other notables.

A three-year stay in federal prison has given Chester “Ace” Bernstein plenty of time to think, and what he devises upon his release is a revenge plot against the colleagues who betrayed him. With the help of his trusted bodyguard and driver, Gus, who acts as a front for his race horse investment, Ace seeks to reverse the sad-sack fortunes of a famous racetrack. A key to the plan is held by Turo Escalante, a talented self-made trainer with a questionable character, who takes on the job of training Ace’s colt.